Xiaomi has launched its new flagship Smartphone China in Shanghai today. The company has not said anything about how long this phone will be launched in India. Seeing the design, it seems that the company has given it back like an iPhone. In this also you have the flash LED in the dual camera centre in the back like iPhone.

In today’s revelations, Xiami co-founder Lei Jun said, “We just want to show that we are superior in many features.” Mi Mix 2S is also half the price of Apple’s flagship, which starts at 3,299 yuan (about 527 dollars).

In front, Mi Mix 2 S MI mix 2 cannot be different from. It has 5.99 inches, full HD Plus LCD display, along with trim bevels and top. In the lower right corner of the phone’s “chin”, there is a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, which is unchanged and weird as the first model. It avoids the need for a notch at the top of the phone, but it definitely does not come without other agreements. A black model with mixed Mix 2S Gold trim or a white model with silver trim will be available.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S

Mi Mix 2S price and release date

MI Mix 2S is available in three forms.

  • The price of the 8 GB / 256 GB version is 3999 RMB.
  •  Where the cost of 3599 RMB is 6 GB / 128GB.
  •  The original 6 GB / 64 GB version is 3299 RMB.

It translates to Rs. 41,435 for the premium model, Rs. 37,291 for mid-range models, and 34,182 rupees for basic types. The top end model comes with its wireless charging port and supports all global bandwidth. 


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