HEY! people the 7 edition of the mind blasting the most amazing the most deadliest game was out on 17 october 2017 more screen curving then ever more hd 4k definition to give  a real life wrestling hook up as if one has the power to pull things out of the monitor . this game is one of our personal favourite  has 1000’s of new moves stories players an almost redifined hd resolutioned  storyline of characters.

These matches take you from triumph to despairand the back where  you almost forget that everything you see in front of you is  predefined and choreographed excellent cinematograpbhy bodylastic blood lusted characters and their strength is the only pole which helps them to survive this game and its fights each player has his separate storyline which becomes far more interesting then the duo tag team player matches .

Executive Soundtack Producer “DEWAYNE JOHNSON THE ROCK” for the very first time each character has its very own voice playback winning several hearts this game has now become the 4th most loved game in the fighting or arcade universe  .Unlike other previous versions of this series thing which makes it most addicting is  the new 3 d look which makes the arena more life like. the arguments the expressions the peoples reaction are the elements of  attraction for this game.

varieties of characters and unlimited 1 on 1 matches are going to take you on a journey you would never want to end.take an eight man or woman bout you actually find yourself on a platform which supports multiplayer tag switch mode which enables the player to switch between two characters in a game most of all the entry and the ending scenes have long impressed people since 2001’s smackdown ,pain,pain vs raw,smackdown vs raw 2k17, and then now specially the part where the undertaker kneels down to take the victory oath and the dead stare in the beginning.

Even without Community Creations, 2K18’s greatest strength is its roster. This is, without debate, the greatest line-up of past and present grapplers ever to feature in a wrestling game:once you factor in alternate gimmicks (e.g. Godfather/Papa Shango) and upcoming DLC. Every boda fide legend save for Hulk Hogan – and rightly so, after his 2015 transgressions – is present, but it’s the modern-day depth which really impresses. Nowhere is this more evident that in the case of TM-61: an Australian tag-team who’ve only appeared on WWE TV 11 times, yet have their likenesses, entrances and moves included. That’s exceptional attention to detail.

further and farmost the most important part is the made up superstars mode in this mode you can create restyle change avatar and play with your own characters with manual costomizations  .for a gamer this is no less than a treasure a must play  game and a live example of more user interfaced games which are to be created in future!



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