WARFACE : feel the wrath of a battlefield soldier

Do you remember that bit in Call of Duty? You know the one I mean. You were a guy—a war guy—and you ran around a corner to find another war guy running in the opposite direction. Yes! This was your moment. WARFACE raised your RDS and sprayed hot 5.56mm NATO into his exposed back, earning you a hundred points, a kill, and a little shot of dopamine. Then, disaster! Another war guy ran around the corner behind you; the screen turned red; you died. Do you remember that bit? You must do, because it happened to everybody, everywhere, every day for the last seven years.


Warface is Crytek’s free-to-play stab at Call of Duty’s deathmatch formula, which it spreads across multiple modes, bundles with a thin handful of new ideas, and shackles to an ever-present storefront. Warface is the game you play if you fancy running in a circle shooting people in the back but don’t want to pay full price for the privilege—which is a reasonable notion—and also the game that you play if you are ten years old and your parents won’t buy you something better.WARFACE

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