Vodafone Special offer
Vodafone Special offer

Vodafone launched a special offer of Rs 299 for its customers. Customers will get unlimited calls and more data in this offer. In this plan, customers will be able to avail Netflix and Amazon Prime membership. Vodafone offers 20 GB 3G / 4G data, unlimited voice calls and more to customers in this offer.

This offer is the cheapest offer offered by Vodafone Red Basic Postpaid Plan Series (VRBPPS). In addition to the data benefit, Vodafone is offering unlimited voice calling, outgoing and roaming outgoing and 100 SMS messages (local and STD). Specifically, under this scheme, the data rollover leverages up to 50 GB.

Vodafone consumers who buy this pack will get a free subscription to Vodafone Play for 12 months. These offers can only be taken through the customer Vodafone app. Because it does not appear on the company’s site. Vodafone’s recently updated red postpaid plans include Red Entertainment, Red Entertainment +, Red – International R, Red – International L, and Vodafone Red – Signature.

All Vodafone Red Postpaid plans now offer free 12 months membership to Amazon Prime, annual membership for Vodafone, and free access to vouchers every month. Some expensive schemes come with the free subscription to Netflix movies, TV shows and documentaries in the library.

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