Vivo, which today is part of a technology that is competing with big phone companies. Vivo today has a small fraction of its technology with a 300,000 sensor pointer, a 3D depth-sensing system, 10 times the number of iPhone X in the face ID of the apple. Vivo’s new tech, mounted on the front of the phone next to the selfie cameras, works by sending out a pulse of light and calculating the “time of flight” (TOF) that the light takes to bounce back to its sensor. Vivo says that this technology will work up to 3 meters from the phone.


Vivo has published this type of technique in the name of “Structured Lighting”. Even more, companies are retreating from using this technology as it is worth the extra investment and complexity. MVC’s Vivo performance of its TOF 3D sensor in Shanghai this week indicates that Vivo is one of the Android companies which To compete with the face ID of the apple.



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