The SD Card Association has announced that 128 TB SD Cards will be available very soon in the market, which will provide excellent speed of 998 MB per second ,Right now the maximum storage space on an SD card is 2TB .

The New best fast speed will be known as SD Express, which will be seen in all the SD cards soon in the market .

The high storage is a new thing called an SD Ultra Capacity (S D U C) card .


In 2016, Sandisk launched a prototype 1 TB SD card, which made it the largest in the world but still is not available for buying it , Sandisk’s 512 GB SD card fell in $ 800, even after the rate fell, it costs $ 300 .
However, it is worth to charge the cost of creating SD with large level and extra space .

But as the SD Card Association has now done it, they will now bring their latest SD card into the market with a storage capacity of 128 Terabyte and a great speed, which is an interesting thing in the world of technology .


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