Tissue Paper can be used as Healthcare Sensor

Tissue Paper as a Healthcare Sensor
Tissue Paper turned to Sensor

Researchers has turned a tissue paper into a wearable sensor. Now we can use a  tissue paper for monitoring our health status. Researchers ofUniversity of Washington (UW) has given this innovation.

Researchers at US showed that a tissue paper can act as a sensor. First they loaded the tissue paper with nano particles. Then they tore it and broke its fibers in order to make it work like a fiber.

According to Chung, after using the sensor one time, we can throw it away. They told that the sensor is light, cheap and flexible. One more merit of using this sensor is that it is disposable. Hence it is eco-friendly and safe to our environment.


Developing technology has developed new applications. This sensor also has many applications. We can use it for applications like entertainment and robotics. Sensor can also track how a special-needs child walks in a home test, as well as in occupational therapy for seniors. It can monitor a person’s gait, the movement of their eyes, and inspect brain function or a game player’s actions. According to Jae-Hyun Chung, associate professor at UW, the sensor can detect heartbeat, finger force, eyeball movement, Finger movement etc.

These sensors are as small as a band-aid and have vast applications. The tissue used in this sensor is similar to the toilet paper. It is drenched in carbon nanotube laced water. Carbon nanotubes are the materials of nano size. They create electrical conductivity. Horizontal and vertical fibers are present on each tissue paper. So when it is torn the direction of tear indicates the sensor about what has happened. It can trace eye movement when attached to the reading glasses of that person.

Researchers are focussing on this sensor in the laboratory hoping that they may find some commercial use of it.

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