Tesla’s CEO Alan Musk is showing interest in India’s journey. He has responded to a user’s Twitter tweet that he will come to India soon. Alan Musk has just completed a three-day trip to China. And they are showing their interest in India, after that, they will make this journey before 2019.

He said that it comes to tough government rules when India generally disappoints them.


In response to a tweet from a user, Musk, who is also the SpaceX founder, said that he wants to come to India soon. “Maybe next year,” the user should be answered, who asked if he wants to visit India.

It wants to bring the Tesla company in India before the summer of 2017 but due to India’s Some Challenging Government Regulations, the date of this plan has been interrupted. On this, musk had also made a tweet on Twitter in May of 2017, which is as follows:

“Would love to be in India. Some challenging government regulations, unfortunately,” Musk tweeted in May.

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