Tap Strap: a wearable that turns any surface into a keyboard

Tap Strap turns a surface to keyboard
Turn any surface into a keyboard

Tap System including has developed a new device which will turn your world into a giant keyboard. This device uses hand gestures to enter a command even without using the keyboard. Using Tap Strap, we can enter the commands by just tapping our fingers on any surface. The surface that you would tap will act as a keyboard if you have worn the Tap Strap which is a Bluetooth device.

The day-to-day improvements in technology has made our lives easier a lot. Now this technology makes us feel comfortable with just some taps on any surface and we can do our work immediately. For this what we need is a Bluetooth device to enable the device.

Special Features:

  • Tap Strap is a fast, accurate and eyes-free method of entering commands.
  • It is made up of a soft, flexible and comfortable to wear smart-textile which embeds advanced sensors to sense the gestures of fingers. We can wear a Tap strap in either hand or in both hands simultaneously for two handed tapping.
  • According to Tap, playing a game on the TapGenius App for one hour will make you feel more comfortable.
  • The real advantage of using a Tap is to use it with VR headsets as it is difficult to input characters on the screen of VR.
  • It has also reduced the problem of typing on the devices having small screens.
  • It is compatible with smart TVs, Windows and Mac OS X, plus Android and iOS devices.

Tapping one finger will give you a vowel, and tapping a combination will give you other letters of the alphabet.

Users can easily learn to work with Tap in about one hour using the TapGenius App. TapGenius App is a learning system which includes music and visual tutorials with a fun and engaging games.

The Tap has been made available to beta-testers at the end of May 2016 and the team is now collecting the responses and making the iterations to the product.

According to David Schick, Tap has the potential to become the communication mode of the future. It provides fast, accurate interfacing in situations where no physical keyboard exists. “Tap is more discreet and accurate then [sic] voice input, and is faster and more precise than gesture-based systems.” said David Schick.

Tap may occupy the market in August this year. Interested users can join the waitlist by signing up on Tap’s Website.

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