Some years ago, Samsung launched its first 4 TB solid-state drive, which was not in existence with the demand of $ 1,499. Today, the company has announced to start mass production on a large scale – although it is very early to know how much cheaper version with its 4 TB QLC SSD.

Traditionally, signing QLC NAND storage is that it sacrificed speed for the increase in density, though Samsung has promised to write 540 Mbps and write speed for its new SSD 520 Mbps because it is available on existing SATA SSD drive Does.

                                                                                           4TB SSD

Describing this new family of storage drives, which will include 1 TB and 2 TB variants, as a consumer class, Samsung will obviously aim at the price at those levels where the concerns about performance are terabytes of space Will be overwhelmed by the great benefits.

Any concern about the reliability of these drives should also be provided by Samsung’s promised three year warranty. The first drive built around these new storage chips is placed at the end of this year.

An interesting side note in Samsung’s press release also indicates that the company will use the same technology “to efficiently produce the 128GB memory card for the smartphones, which will lead to higher capacity for high-performance memory storage.

” 512GB Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung, which is joining the growing cadre of Half Terabyte phone, you feel that the need for additional storage cards will be reduced. But the other way of looking at things is that they are present properly because we want more storage on our phones.




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