Player unknown battleground, popularly known as PUBG, has yet to receive a major update with Pubg PC Patch 22. We have already talked about new anti-cheat systems with updates to prevent fraud on the platform, and also introduced a new ranking system for PUBG Corp users.

With the new ranking system, players will start each season by successfully completing 10 placement matches to come up with their initial rankings.

pug new ranking system
                                                             pubg new ranking system

Although this is something that we have already seen in some other competitive games, PUBG’s new ranking system will have eight different levels, i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Master and Grandmaster. In it, the Grandmaster will be at the top level, while bronze will be the lowest ranking. There will also be the top 100 global leaderboards for each level.

How PUBG players will be promoted to the next level, PUBG Corp explained that if a player at the diamond level wins a game with at least eight kill, then it will get 30 RP, however, if the diamond player only wins a game One kill, he will get 20 RP

It is being said that, if a player in PUBG finishes a game at the last position, then he will also lose 20 RP. Overall, the amount of RP you receive and lose will depend on the player’s performance in the Battlefield of Unknown (PUBG).

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