Have you ever noticed seeing the same ad of the thing you googled? If yes, then the WebPage(s) you visited for your search must have had some trackers, which works to show only relevant ads to you. The Cambridge Analytical Scam also happened because of this as Facebook also tracks us and has our every detail and spy our every single action on the Internet.
Now the question people have is, How can they protect themselves from being tracked? Here we have something that can help you come out of this. Pittsburgh based startup named Redmorph which provides an absolutely free solution to help you protect your privacy. It was founded in 2015 by a Mumbai-born Abhay Edlabadkar. Redmorph offers a extension that shows you which trackers are tracking you. And also gives you the freedom to block the trackers from spying on you.

“There is a huge difference in the way we help users deal with data privacy or tracking. Most companies end up tracking the consumers themselves. This is a direct violation of data privacy — a fight in which we want to be on the consumer’s side. We don’t track any consumer’s data,” Edlabadkar told TechCircle in an interview.

He further added, his company has a team of engineers that tests the trackers by running simulations in a lab. “It is like we are being the guinea pigs. We first see the extent of the tracking and then we decide to block it in our browser extension, mobile app, and security solution, among other products,” he said. – Reports says.

“Essentially, the browser extension uses proprietary Spyderweb technology to detect tracking signals and block their access. The user can choose which trackers to run,” Edlabadkar said.
Certain websites will not play videos, or have missing or de-activated chunks if we stop all trackers. But what we are trying to achieve is that fine line of distinction where users can safely allow some trackers so that their experience is not compromised,” he explained. – VC Circle Report.

Another good part is, Redmorph not just limit itself to the browsers but is working on solutions for mobile devices and the network itself also. Edlabadkar says “It is because of these factors we need to secure as many devices as well as the network.”

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