Pirate copies of PC games such as Watch Dogs 2 and Grand Theft Auto V are available. These were being sold at Flipkart earlier this week

For irregular, a crack allows users to bypass the security features of the game, usually to avoid paying it completely. In this case, buying it prevents the payment of the full price.

pirated games

For GTA V, some merchants were selling accounts that already have games registered. Legal copies are sold through discs or codes, which are redeemed via Rockstar social club, the online service chain of GTA V is created by developer Rockstar Games.

Selling access to an account to play GTA v is usually being achieved through phishing or hacking attempts. These games are designed to steal accounts from those who have already purchased the game.

pirated games

This isn’t the first time online stores have run afoul selling pirated games. Back in 2014, Amazon India had listed pirated copies of Watch Dogs 1 for sale on PC. And this hasn’t been restricted to video games either. Merchandise such as apparel and toys for the Pokemon series has also been the target of less than scrupulous sellers in the past.


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