OnePlus, a chinese smartphone vendor, is going to launch its wireless earbuds soon.  OnePlus already has a pair of earbuds. The alredy existing earbuds are wired and are called Bullets. But its not clear whether these earphones are fully wireless or it has a wire that wraps around the neck. According to reports, OnePlus is going to launch its Bullet headphone in a few weeks.

These wireless bullet headphones have been listed on Bluetooth certification site. There is no more information on the certification site about the OnePlus Bullets. The upcoming OnePlus headphones are the follow up of OnePlus’ popular bullets V2 earphones. V2 headphones were launched in 2016, along with OnePlus 3 smartphones.

OnePlus Wireless Headphone As all the smartphone vendors are getting involved in the race of launching wireless earphones, OnePlus has now joined the race. Wireless Bullet is the response of OnePlus to the Apple’s AirPods and Google’s Pixel Buds.

New leak indicates bluetooth’s listing, but it doesn’t contain much informationn. The wireless headphones are about to come with some more enhancements and modifications as compared to the earlier headpones, v2.

According to reports, OnePlus is focussing on offering a truly wireless experience to its users. According to the listing, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless will be based on Bluetooth v4.1, and would run a Qualcomm chip.

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The earphones were listed on April 4, and have model number BT31B, according to Bluetooth Certification Page. Bluetooth Certification page also reveals that Bullet headphones will be based on Bluetooth V4.1  and would run a Qualcomm chip.

The company is selling Bullet V2 since 2016 at low cost as $20 in the US. But wireless Bullets are the best among so many wireless headphones at comparatively low cost.


  • Wireleess music
  • It will retain its 3.5mm audio jack along with wireless earbuds.
  • Low cost.
  • Qualcomm Chip
  • Use Bluetooth V4.1

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