It was just revealed that the OnePlus 6 will have a notched display like iPhone X. Now another surprising reveleation is made by the Company, that the OnePlus 6 will have the Avengers-themed User-Interface. Before this, OnePlus also rolled out a limited edition variant of the OnePlus 5T in partnership with Lucasfilms for Star Wars Branding, which got them so many Star Wars fans. The official news and the video came in the form of a post on OnePlus India’s Facebook Page that was published but has been taken down now. But we found it’s mirror. Watch the video below which shows a flickering image that alternates between both company’s logo (OnePlus & Avengers).

Here is the official Teaser:

Not just this, but the description of the video also reads,“OnePlus is teaming up with Marvel Studios over an Avengers-themed OnePlus .” Which makes it clear that The OnePlus Company is teaming up with the Marvel Studios and the OnePlus  will have an Avengers-themed UI, which makes it’s users more excited.

As Avenger: Infinity War is all set to hit the theaters on April 27. It’s nearly possible OnePlus 6 will make it’s debut around the same time. This news made all it’s users so excited and curios about the launch of OnePlus 6. We have deeply discussed about the specifications and price details of the OnePlus 6 in our previous post. Click here to know more.

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