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According to a report by Tutto Android, Netflix has tested a new “ultra” subscription level, which is more than the monthly price 13.99 “premium” option, which had seen the new plan (through CNET) for the first time.

According to Toronto Android, the new plan will cost US $ 16.99 (and estimated, US $ 16.99), Netflix based on its current pricing) and offers 4K streams four times together, which are eagle-eyed Netflix users will note that the cheap, premium plan has already been introduced.

By Tutto Android

Based on the report of Tuito Android, it seems that Netflix is testing several versions of its plan lineup. It can get ultra-tier HDR video to stand out of the premium (which loses the feature), or See premium level drop from four concurrent streams up to only two. has also seen a new plan in testing with Germany both with € 16.99 and € 19.99 value tags This indicates that Netflix is also tilted with pricing for the new plan.


Netflix has confirmed CNET that the ultra-price level test is real. A company spokesman said, “In this case, we are testing little different price points and facilities to better understand how Netflix costs consumers.” So if the ultra plan brings it to light in the daytime, then it is possible that it will not feel like it does now

However, if you are committed to getting the maximum benefit from your Netflix membership, then you would like to be ready to start paying some more for this in the near future.

Source: theverge

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