Motorola is launching a press event in the month of August with a “big announcement” .

The Motorola company is preparing to launch its own new Flagship smartphone . 

Now Motorola is launching a new flagship smartphone, So we can estimate that the phone will be the latest model so far, with Dolby Sound, something new and Special .

We know that we can see more and more information about Motorola Z3 and Motorola One Power, so what can be known about it is one of them . 

As it happened last year, Motorola had a secret event in the month of July launching its own model Moto Z2 .


Hello !


As we have come to know that the event will take place in Chicago headquarters on 2 August at 2pm local time .

The company says it’s going to present “a whole new way to connect,” which is why Motorola’s very exaggerated way of hinting that there might be new additions to its smartphone lines .

So ,Wait and Watch for next Upcoming Update about Motorola . 


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