MARVEL spider has always been a heart winner since 2002’s first movie starring  TOBBY MCGUIRE when its official pc game was released about 4 million copies were sold till the 5th hour  and so is the case with the latest series of marvels spiderman recently released. this game is available for ps4 only.

CONSISTING of realistic lively gameplay with screen acoustic graphics this game is going to break the leg in th world of games the highlights of the game and the element of addictability is  spiderman’s new costume like the one he’s wearing in spiderman home comming .

WITH exciting new villains routine life city scene and a gameplay world that you will never ever want to forgd .This game was forged in fire to be invented like this exciting new moves 3 d animatory film scenes and damn! interesting story line makes it as expensive as gold for spiderman lovers

fighing crime isn’t much fun but with spiderman it feels like the best day of the entire life.Our radioactive superhero spiderman in the game begins his journey as a biotechnologist researching in oscorm as an intern when a spider bite changes his entire life style leading him to an extra ordinary journey of life ,a life of a superhero!.

AND there goes the entry of the firs villain goblin ruining his life is a major work as it is not easy to fight a flying grandma! hahaha . the game character has excellent sound track voice and double excellent cinematography resembling gta like gameplay!

currently running on ps4 this game is soon to be released on pc and  for a gamer this gme is a must play. this would add a 8 star to rhe gamers desktop .

but you could almost feel the internet deflating when the Paris Games Week trailer took a focus on story. We’ve known this would be an open world action game since E3 – so why have we still not seen any open world gameplay, more than a year after being announced?

“I think just in terms of our rollout we want to focus on different things”, explains creative director Bryan Intihar when I put that question to him. “Trust me, we’ll be talking about open world. There’s no weird conspiracy or anything like that.”


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