Apple’s AirPower wireless charger is still awaited to hit shelves since its unveiling in September last year , been in the rumour mill for too long, and reports suggest delays  in launch due to technical hurdles. However, Apple’s loss has been others gain, as a slew of charging pads have since been launched, to charge the new wireless charging capable iPhones.

Logitech joins the bandwagon with the Logitech Powered – a new device meant mainly to charge the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X, and other Qi compatible devices with similar dimensions. The stand is unlike most charging pads, and comes with a sliding mechanism to hold the iPhones in place.

                                                                        LOGITECH WIRELESS CHARGER

The Logitech Powered is priced at $79.99 (roughly Rs. 5,400), and has been launched only in a White colour option. The wireless charger has a sliding mechanism that allows you to put the iPhone in place, and hold it there, and use it while it’s on charge. You can charge the iPhones in portrait or landscape mode both, and the company claims that it holds the phone in a 65-degree angle that is suitable for movie-watching and Face ID unlocking as well.

The Logitech Powered delivers 7.5W power, and comes with internal heat sensors to manage temperature and prevent overheating. The U-shaped cradle design keeps the iPhone in place, and does not allow it to fall even when the device vibrates during calls and notifications.

                                   LOGITECH WIRELESS CHARGER

The Logitech Powered has a charging indicator that notifies you that the phone is placed properly, and it blinks if any metal object interferes with it.





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