The report says that LG has collaborated with a global OEM for the production of the foldable display panel for its partners. However, the report does not reveal the name of the company. As every other manufacturers like has recently jumped into the race, it could be Google, Microsoft or any other Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

                                                                        LG FOLDABLE PHONES

The report further says that LG has also introduced a new technology atomic layer deposition (ALD) instead of the conventional chemical vapour deposition (CVD) technology to protect organic matter from oxygen and moisture and develop high-quality foldable OLED panels.

Recent leaks and rumours on upcoming foldable display smartphones
Samasung  is reportedly working on a foldable display smartphone. The company is said to have already started production of the foldable display phone. Most likely, Samsung will keep this technology exclusive to their phones which could lead other manufacturers to LG or BOE (display manufacturing company) for such technology.

                                                                              LG FOLDABLE PHONES

Huawei too is said to be working on a foldable smartphone. It is not for sure if the new device will be genuinely foldable, something we have seen in patents filed by Samsung, or a dual screen device attached with a hinge, like the ZTE Axon M. As per the report, the upcoming foldable phone from the company is expected to arrive in 2019.

Other Chinese smartphone giants like Xiaomi and Oppo too are said to be working on a foldable device.





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