Let’s explore the space virtually with Virgin Galactic

explore space
Virgin Galactic

Yes you have read correctly. Virgin Galactic has given us a chance to explore the space virtually.

The company which gears up the commercial spaceflights is now ready to let us explore the space virtually. Virgin Galactic has partnered with the Microsoft and its edge browser to design a website. This website takes you to the virtual real space.

Virgin is appreciated for its efforts of introducing a new space travel based industry. One can visit the space and can find the answers to all the suspicious questions about our space. The site will have hotspots that will present VR tours of the company’s WhiteKnightTwo, VSS Unity and the Galactic team. A similar 3D visit can be done without using headsets.

The website looks awesome when opened on a mobile phone, too. It gives a real view of the Virgin’s spacecraft, crew videos and company’s information. Now anyone can explore the space virtually.

The site works well with google chrome giving an excited view of the space beyond the boundaries of the planet. Microsoft is not the only browser with VR features built in. Google has also built a VR version of Chrome to work in its own day deam VR headset.Samsung and Oculus also have their own browsers to handle WebVR content, as well.

So this site will fulfill your dream of navigating the space and watching our planet from space. The aim of building this site is not only to send humans to the space  to get better understanding of science but to test their view, ingenuity, physiology and psychology.

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