As you all know, Jio has left behind all companies in the world of SIM and phone today…Jio has announced the new offer for the OPPO smartphone buyer. Under the brand’s new Jio Oppo Monsoon proposal, Telco is providing “worth up to Rs 4,900 worth.But this offer may take a long time to arrive.

Benefits of this offer will be available for now and later Consumers of Jio..But for consumers to take advantage of this offer, it is mandatory for consumers to take Oppo’s new 4G phone-

Existing users are out of luck..In particular, the benefits are being provided to those people who use the JIO 198 or JIO 299 recharge, which The days provide 2 GB and 3GB 4G data respectively and each comes with validity of 28 days.


Jio Oppo Monsoon offer-

Offer will continue till June 28, 2018 to 25 September 2018. Jio users will get 36 instant cashback coupons worth Rs. 50, taking the total cashback amount to Rs. 1,800. These vouchers could be used against monthly recharges for any Jio subscriber, and are valid till September 30, 2021.

Besides, up to Rs. After the 1300, 26th, and 39th recharge, for the waiting of more than three years to avail all the benefits of this offer, 1,800 users will be issued in three branches of Geo Money Credit. While Rs. 299 Pack customers will get Rs. 1,800 Geo Money Credits, Rs. 1985 can avail only up to Rs. 600 in credit.


Earlier this week, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) published its telecommunication membership report for April, which recorded 96 lakh new subscribers on the Geo 4G network in the same month. Presently, the market in the Indian market comes with 17.44 percent market share.





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