Introducing “wheelchair accessible” routes on Maps: Google

Starting today, Google is introducing a “wheelchair accessible” routing option to Google Maps. Tailored toward the use of public transit in metropolitan areas, when selected the route that is presented will factor in the availability of wheelchair ramps and elevators on routes.

The wheelchair-accessible route feature is rolling out in London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico city, Boston and Sydney.

Initially, the feature will only be available in Boston, New York, London, Tokyo, Sydney, and Mexico city. Though Google says it’s working with other transit agencies to bring more wheelchair-accessible routes to additional locations.

Last year Google Maps added the ability to see if a space is wheelchair accessible by clicking on the description and looking under the “amenities” tab. It has also been working on updating the Street View images of transit stations so people can preview these locations ahead of time.

To turn on this feature, enter your starting point and destination like you would normally. Tap options under the Route section, and then enable the setting for wheelchair-accessible directions.

Image: Wheelchair- Accessible

Google says that it uses the information provided by the users, to improve accessibility information in Google Maps. They added, it adds flexibility, makes it easier in finding out whether a place has a wheelchair-accessible restroom or not. The user can also preview whether the location has step-free entrance or not.

Google said that they are covering few cities in its initial phase. Spanning just six cities across the globe, this wheelchair-accessible feature is still a far cry from wide ranging coverage. But it’s just a starting. It will cover more places, soon.

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