Instagram is a very lavish and humorous app in which you can meet new people and make friends and chat with an accurate identity person and share your stories and photos and videos.

Now the Instagram is coming up with a new feature update, in which you can give information about your school list in the bio of your profile So that you can find out your Schoolmates and your classmates very easily.

There also appear to be lines that indicate you can report someone for saying they’re a student at a certain school when they aren’t. You can also remove a school you’ve tagged from your bio, or report instances of bullying or harassment.

We’ve reached out to Instagram for comment.

               New Update!

If you are away from your school, you will be able to see your school information going to your Instagram School and see if you are away from your school, It will be very beneficial for those children whose health is bad or away from their school.


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