As per our old news, you know that there is a 5G test going on. But now there is an update that in India, Chinese technology giant Huawei and telecom services provider Bharti Airtel has completed 5G Testing trial.

5G Test

The company said in its statement that they have filed this case in Airtel’s Network Experience Center in Manesar (Gururgram). 5G Interoperability and Development Test (IODT) . “We look forward to work with our partners to develop strong 5G ecosystems in India, “said Abhay Sawargaonkar, Director-Network, Bharti Airtel.

India's first successful 5G network test
India’s first successful 5G network test

At the time of the trial, it is being said that the speed of the internet of 3 GBps is recorded, which is much higher than the jio 4g.

See how long we get the opportunity to use this network. Jio 4G took a lot of time to launch 4G. It was available in most places, but the testing of the 5G network is still going on. There is also a question about this.

Huawei Headquarters Director of the Immanuel, Kollo Alves said that they are focusing on developing and implementing 5G ecosystems. They are showing interest in showcasing the 5G display cap in the 3.5 GHz band with Bharti Airtel”, 

On the one hand, this company is also working on 5G technology. Dish, a company known for its satellite TV service and sling, which is actually building a 5G wireless network, is known for some time that Dish plays with AT & T and Verizon But recent filing by SEC Furnace Viral shows that the company is adding $ 1 billion to build a 5G network in the next three years. That’s a great job.


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