Patent images showing Honda’s modern interpretation of CBX since the late 70s have shown that Japanese bike makers can consider re-entry into that unique segment.

When it is launched, even if it starts appearing similar to the BMW R night racer and Kawasaki Z900 RS, this bike will be present in its own right. It is being said that, in this bike, its sleeves are a cold – six cylinder motor with six exhaust tips!


Patented images also show that Honda has used a stacked gearbox on this motorcycle, thus reducing motorcycle length significantly.

                                                       HONDA CBX LEAKED IMAGES


It shows that Japanese bike makers have tried to keep the engine as narrow and short in as little as possible, which in turn will improve mobility significantly. In terms of equipment, the bike is sure to receive almost all LED lighting, ABS, traction control and other modern day components.


Interestingly, the original 1978 Honda CBX was the fastest production motorcycle in the world with its 225 km high speed; But this was not the first of the six-cylinder engine. This achievement relates to the 1972 Benelli SEE. Coming back to the modern motorcycle, it is running a liquid cool, six-cylinder engine, which is significantly compressed compared to the original CBX.


This is because the motor is not air-cooled like the old bike, and it does not need wings on the cylinder head to cool it. This makes the motor more compact on the original bike.

This engine will be a new development; And Honda’s only other six cylinder engine which is present in the Goldwing line is horizontally opposed cylinder design.





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