Heartbeat showing e-Skin

Newly developed e-skin can display your heartbeats on your hand. This e-skin will now show the health status of any person with the help of an array of micro LED’s. It can monitor your health status and show it on your hand.

The researchers of University of Tokyo have developed an e-skin which displays a patient’s electrocardiogram, i.e, activity of patient’s heart electrically in the form of waveform. These waveform is visible at the back of the hand. It works on the basis of data collected by ultra-thin, flexible sensor. It display is expandable up to 45 percent of its original length. Thus allowing it to confirm to the contours and movements of the body.

The e-skin can measure the vital signs like your heartbeat. The design includes breathable nanomesh electrode and stretchable wiring with an array of micro-leds. Leds display images that bend with your body. Earlier, there were stretchable displays but they couldn’t be wore for long. It also used to cause skin twisting and irritation when exposed to air. But this newly developed display does not cause any inflammation even if it is worn for about a week.

One can easily understand if the needy wants any help by simply looking at the hand( or anywhere on the body where the sensor is placed). The information can also be transmitted to the smartphones as it can easily pairs up with android devices.

Dai Nippon Printing hopes to offer this e-skin with more features and functionalities. He has announced to make it more reliable, scaling product and improving its coverage for large surface areas within the coming 3 years.

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