GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS This is a game that I bought for my computer to play it. At that time the game was crazy, but now quite new versions have come. There is no equals game except for GTA V, so far in Rockstar.

This game is very old, I believe. Is this a little bit of a police-out? Yes. Do I apologize for this? No. GTA: San Andreas (developed by Rockstar North) is a wonderful game, and is one of my favourites all the time. Apart from this, I have never said that this list will only be the latest games, only good people – and GTA: SA is a game which is undoubted falls in that category.

This game escaped life pressure in Carl Johnson Los Santos, San Andreas five years ago … A city was separated from the gang’s troubles, drugs and corruption. Where do your best to avoid film stars and millionaire dealers and gangbangers.

Now, this is the initial 9 0. Carl has to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family is separated, and his childhood friends are heading towards disaster.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Upon returning to the neighbourhood, some corrupt police prepared them for murder. CJ has to be forced to travel on a journey that takes him to the full position of San Andreas to save his family and to control the roads.

Here are the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas system requirements (minimum)

  • CPU: Pentium III or Athlon equivalent
  • CPU SPEED: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • OS: Windows 2000/XP only
  • VIDEO CARD: 64 MB DirectX 8.1 compatible video card (NVIDIA GeForce 3 or better)
  • FREE DISK SPACE: 3.6 GB for a minimal install

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Recommended Requirements

  • CPU: Pentium 4 or Athlon XP
  • CPU SPEED: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 384 MB (the more the better!)
  • OS: Windows 2000/XP only
  • VIDEO CARD: 128 MB DirectX 9.0c compliant video card (NVIDIA GeForce 6 series)
  • FREE DISK SPACE: 4.7 GB for a full install
  • DVD-ROM: 16X DVD-ROM (speed not tested)

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