Google’s new technology to locate callers accurately

Google's new technology
Google’s new technology

Google has introduced a new technology to its users helping 911 call operators to locate the cellphone callers accurately. Using this technology, US cops are able to find the spam callers with more accuracy. To know more about 911 system read this.

Earlier, we were able to get the address of the landline caller immediately but this service was not available for mobile phones. But now Google has made this possible. Google is conducting tests to make it easier for 911 operators to locate the callers with more accuracy.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google tested this technology with tens of thousands of 911 calls over the span of two months in several states of US. The test has given encouraging results. Google conducted these tests in December and January. The addresses of the Android smartphones were directly sent to the operators who answered the call.

The 911 system, which turns 50 this month, has struggled a lot to locate cellphone callers.

According to the Federal Regulators, saving a minute in response times can save up to 10,000 lives a year. Jennifer Estes, 911 Director in Loudon County, Tennessee said that earlier when any caller called then they took some time to find the address of the caller. In such cases every second counts. But now as soon as they receive a call, they get the address of the caller too. This technology would save many lives.

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