Our today’s news is related to Google regarding the “Idiot” salt word. Only on Google people found that on the search of “stupid” now offers a large number of photos of the President of the United States.

And on the same side this week, the EU has hit Google with a new record. The EU says that Google will have to pay $ 5 billion to misuse its main position in mobile. The fines related to Android have been almost doubled, which has been earmarked by the European Union. That fines recipient? Google also

Unknowingly, Donald Trump bowled the decision of the EU, in any way tied up his business war decision against the League. At all times, a different Google-and-Trump story gained prominence in the last few days, because people found that the discovery of “stupid” now offers a large number of photos of the President. However, two incidents are not related.

“I told you! Trump started yelling against the European Union.” The European Union imposed a fine of $ 5 billion on one of our great companies, Google. They are actually in the U.S. Have taken advantage of, but not long! ”


People began to pay attention that Google Images now show trump pictures when searching for the word “stupid”. It has not been done by Google, so it is not that Google is taking a passive-aggressive hit on trump while Trump is defending Google.

This is a product of how Google products work. This kind of manipulation had happened before, and it will not stop again. What happens is that a large number of people are adding trump images with the word “fool” where Google’s Bot has accepted the association.

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