Google has acquired a graphicsfuzz a company that provides graphics testing tools. As a result of the acquisition, GraphicsFuzz team – founder Alistair Donaldson, Hughs Evrard and Paul Thompson – will join Google’s Android graphics team. The latest development comes when Search Giant released the Android 9 pie publicly as the next version of its mobile platform.

While it is not clear how the new deal will be beneficial for Android pi running devices, GraphicsFaz has confirmed that its team will work on integrating its proprietary graphics driver testing technology within the Android ecosystem. In 2014, Google purchased DrawElements, which introduced a model to test graphics on Android devices. Finland’s startup Helsinki ultimately integrated its technology into the Android platform’s compatibility test suite and closed its original operation.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. However, GraphicsFaz confirmed that its entire team will now become part of Google’s Android graphics team.

This means that all three founders who founded Startup as an academic spinout in December 2017 will help Google integrate GraphicsFZ’s “expert graphics driver testing technique” within the Android ecosystem. The unit emerged from the computing department in Imperial College London. Apart from this, the team was supported by the Imperial Venture Maintenance Service, the ICURE Program, and Cyber ​​Security Academy Startup Program, funded by the United Kingdom and the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Department (DCMS).

In a statement announcing the acquisition, senior licensing executive of Imperial Innovation, Lamia Baker said, “Graphics technology, developed by GraphicsForce, helps vendors build more reliable products, which are in high demand in today’s technology driven world. is.” “This acquisition is a support for the company’s progress, as well as a unique opportunity for GraphicsFase that positively impacts one of the world’s leading mobile operating systems.”

One of the major developments in GraphicsFuzz is ShaderTestGLES, which helps shadars and programs to detect bugs like bugs, errors and incorrect compiling graphics drivers. Startup also offers its bespoke products to test drivers for graphics APIs such as WebSpell, OpenGL, and Vulcan.

XDID Developers first reported acquisition. The team of XDADevelopers used to use the technology proposed by GraphicsField to unveil a bug in a driver who ran the Adreno 630 GPU. It is said that the bug has given access to the malicious WebGL webpages to trigger the US version of the Galaxy S 9 End to trigger a reboot directly from the Samsung’s Stock Internet Browser.

Bug-free drivers are important for providing a safe and stable experience for the public. That’s why Google chose to take the graphicsfase. Startups worked specifically on GPUs provided by major vendors including AMD, APLE, ARM, Imaging Technologies, Intel, Nvidia and Qualcomm. It also has a test framework that enables debugging as well as to unearth the bug in graphics drivers.




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