Facebook may launch two Smart Speakers in July

Smart speakers

Facebook is going to launch its smart speakers with codenames, ‘Aloha’ and ‘Fiona’. Earlier some smart speakers have been launched in the market. Apple’s HomePod and Amazon’s Echo Dot have already occupied the market. Now Facebook is also going to compete with them by launching its smart speakers.

According to the reports, Facebook’s smart speakers will have 15 inch display. Both the devices have the touchscreen made by LG and are assembled by Pegatron, which is a contract-based manufacturer. Its will have video chat and social media features. Out of the two smart speakers, Aloha is costlier than Fiona but it’s more sophisticated too. Aloha is the nick name of the smart speaker but it will occupy the market with the name ‘Portal’.

Facebook announced to launch these smart speakers in May but now it has been pushed to July. The cause of this delay is to improve the audio quality of the speakers.

The price of these smart speakers is not speculated yet. The smart speaker of Amazon, ‘Echo Dot’ having 7-inch display and supports video calls and music streaming costs $230.

The two devices are arriving with many new features like recognizance of voice commands and face recognition to identify the user. So it can identify the users voice and face and the user can log in to the Facebook account using these features. The face recognition technology is based on the wide-angle lens on the front of the device .

The portal device is equipped with social media features. Facebook has signed deals with Sony and Universal Music to ‘enrich the device’s applications.

Facebook has not made these announcements officially. So we are floating in the sky of rumors. Just wait and watch what it is going to offer us.

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