Facebook has lost 2.8 million US based users under 25 last year

Facebook has lost 2.8 million
Facebook has lost 2.8 million

According to research firm eMarketer, Youngsters are losing interest in Facebook and number of users under 25 are decreasing even quicker than expected. Facebook lost around 2.8 million users in 2017.

The first time a digital measurement firm of it’s own kind had predicated that facebook would see a drop of 3.4 percent in 12-17 year-old-users in the US in 2017. But the reality was even worst for Zuckerberg and facebook team. They had roughly 12.1 million U.S.  users in the 12-17 year-old and a drop of 9.9 percent  was observed in the forth gone year 2017.

There are so many reasons for this. With the increasing trend in social media, youngsters are losing interest in facebook as they have more options to stay in touch with their loved ones. Another reason is that users feel more more security with other options like instagram and snapchat. Earlier Facebook was one of the best option for digital record keeping but at present users are aware of many worse consequences of storing information online. So they are less likely to share their personal information online.

There is a decrease of 2.8 million facebook users in 2017.

The researchers predicted the usage estimate of 2018 and expects that 2018 won’t be good for facebook. The research firm predicted that there will be a decrease of 2.1 million US users in 2018.

EMarketer gives some predictions for three different age groups in 2018 as given below:

  • Below 11 years: 9.3 percent drop.
  •  12-17 years age group: 5.6 percent drop.
  • Under 18-24 years : 5.8 percent drop.

This is a bad sign for facebook. In order to keep in popularity Facebook team should think for more features to be added to Facebook to regain the number of users.

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