Facebook Has Decided To Reduce It’s Call & SMS Details Collection

If you use Facebook, you must have gone through the articles saying,”Facebook Steals Your Data, IT KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU” which is actually true. Facebook know EVERYTHING about you and tracks every single action of yours on the Internet. It even tracks your check-in (places you visit). But now, another news came into the limelight that Facebook also collects your Call &  SMS Details.


Well, according to them, Tracking what you surf on the Internet helps them showing you only relevant ads. But what about the Call & SMS Details? Let us tell you why they collect your Call & SMS Details. They say, they collect this information to improve it’s friends recommendation algorithm. Installing the Facebook App for the first time requests users to give access to this. If given, only then Facebook can collect the data.


Now another news came that Facebook has decided to reduce this data. They say, they has examined the feature and is making changes to it. Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer said,”We’ve reviewed this feature to confirm that Facebook doesn’t collect the content of messages. And will delete all logs older than one year.” Reports also say that Facebook never needed all the data it collected.

Schroepfer also said,”In the future, the client will only upload to our servers the information needed to offer this feature.”

Actually all this happening is because of the Cambridge Analytica. It was said that Cambridge Analytica obtained around 50 million user’s data from Facebook but now Facebook has revealed that arround 87 million users in the US were affected. Facebook CEO will testify before Congress next week to answer questions about his company’s use and user protection service. – Reports says.

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