Explosion of iPhone Battery, one injured

iphone exploded causing the evacuation of those who were present at the store during the incident. Apple store of Zrich was evacuated and fire servicemen were called for ventilation.

According to the report, a repairman along with seven other members of Apple store got injured due to the explosion of iPhone, leading to the evacuation of around 50 customers and staff from the shop temporarily.

Police of Zurich city told that iPhone battery exploded at Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse  Apple store on Tuesday. It got overheated and hence exploded without any reason when removed from charging by a repairman who got injured and hospitalised. Besides the repairman 7 other persons were medicated but not admitted in the hospital.

The staff members responded actively. They sprinkled quartz sand over the overheated battery so that the smoke could be contained and sucked out after switching on the ventilation.

The fire servicemen covered the battery with sand, allowing the smoke to be contained and then ventilated.

Police said that forensic specialists from Zurich Forensic Institute are investigating for the cause of this incident.

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