just like any other arcade game system this time dragon ball fighter z is also made  a 10 star worthy game .released this year on 26 january  unlike its previous versions which became popular  as as they were released so is this one .unlike other dragonballz games this game has a unique arenas ,unique fighting moves , unique move set for each character.

THIS game also has a  tag team battle mode which has a unique quality of player switching within the mid of the game.there’s a good chance that you will be drawn into explosive action and and personalities that infectiously evoke players spirit.With awesome and amazing new characters like hit,black goku ,zamasu,beerus this version of the game can blow your mind.

unlike the other dragon ball z games this game doesn’t support the roam in the arena feature unless an explosive combo is released this makes each match less time consuming and the player gets to know his characters true strength and therefore makes the game more interesting thanks to manga for bringing us such anime’s . this game also has a  4k quality appearance which feels life like to whoso ever plays it.

immense power 100’s of unlockable characters and their avatars  new forms 4k graphics .Nonetheless  this game has made its way to the top 3 games since the new year  the story line controversy is far beyond our expectations  mind blowing cinematography it makes you feel as if u are akira toriyama and u are writing the manga series of this anime.

As from every anime lovers mouth these words have been soaked deeply into the game forcing the player to select vegeta as its character “vegeta will never lead his pride down” the characters can swipe teleport and attack with a combo in the middle of a fight  with drastic moves entrances and appearances this game would increase the face value of each desktop in town

well to make you a player worth the opponents in the duel mode the story line option is the best complete the story line fights of each player and then you’ll make it on your own .The 3 d  assets make the characters look more powerful the muscular body finishing the expressions the english subtitles make the game more addicting.moreover  the popularity of the game made its way to the peak in just 4 days after the launch   amustplay game for every gamer!


vegeta’s pride

so be it a gaming nerd or an anime lover this game is a must to experience ! a significant part of one’s life .so enjoy it

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