1. Xiaomi Mi 7 Key Specifications Revealed [Daily Tech News]

Daily Tech News
Daily Tech News

The company has launched this launch of Xiaomi M7 this time and it may be possible to mix Mi 2. May launch of 7 is now being estimated in April or May. El leek shows that the 7.7 is a 5.65 inch display that supports full HD + 2160 x 1080 pixels resolution. And most importantly, this time Xiaomi has come to know about Snapdragon 845 chipset 8 GB RAM in its M7.

Me 7 (MWC) can be a flagship phone to be launched in 2018. It has a 16 megapixel + 16 megapixel dual camera setup and its internal memory will come with 64 GB + 6GB RAM. MIUI 9 Developer ROM version is running at 8.1.30 in Mi7, but it can show the latest version of MIUI 9 in the launch.


2. Indian-origin teen develops ‘Safe Travel’ app in 40 hours

Daily Tech News
Daily Tech News

teenager (Kishor) Medha Gupta of India, developed within 40 hours an application called Safe App With this app, you send an alert to your emergency contacts in any emergency situation. The design of this app and its entire programming, as well as the troubles in its test and test, have been done in only 40 hours. Medha Gupta has also won the Annual Congressional App Challenge, which is compact with Eos only.

It was said by Medha Gupta that I had to find a solution to a problem, when travelers travel alone, they feel safe. So Medha Gupta developed this safe salt app.

3. Amazon is planning to launch its own full delivery service later this year

Daily Tech News
Daily Tech News

Amazon’s report says that Giant Retail and Technical Company is planning to start its full-scale delivery service at any time during 2018.

The Wall Street Journal says that the new service will pick up packages from businesses that sell on their site and reach customers on the choice of UPS and FedEx. This is not the first time such a rumor, but it seems that Amazon is now ready to implement the scheme, starting with a limited roll-out.

Apparently this plan has already begun operations in London, and will be in the next Los Angeles. It already offers Amazon to distribute products for those products that store goods in Amazon warehouses.


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