Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI brings intelligence to photography with automatic flash system

Automatic Flash with Canon Speedlite
Automatic Flash System-Canon Speedlite

Canon has announced a new automatic flash in its Speedlite series called 470EX-AI. It will remove the learning curve associated with using flash.The biggest problem with flash photography is understanding the timing, and the direction in which the light needs to be triggered. But the proper use of flash can lead to some incredibly useful photos.

The new $399 (approximately Rs 26,000) flash from Canon can automatically determine the best spot to ‘bounce’ the light off. If you don’t know how to drive then there is self-driving vehicle. If you are not confident about flash then there is this Speedlite flash.

Functioning of Canon

As soon as you double tap the shutter button on your camera, the flash points at the subject and calculates the distance and it then does the same by pointing at the ceiling. The flash then reorients itself in the direction it considers best for bouncing off the light.

“Canon values the opportunity to help entry-level and enthusiast photographers take pictures to the best of their ability, and we are excited to see what images photographers capture using the invaluable and innovative tools we create,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, President and COO, Canon USA Inc.

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