Buying Guidelines for Tablets, Part 3


Battery life

Although tablets come with a set of durable batteries, their performance varies according to the models. Hence, it is better to know the battery life of your proposed tablet while buying the one that offers a long-lasting battery life.


Purpose of using a tablet

It is vital to decide the usage of your proposed tablet, whether it is for home, office, games or for your kids.

If you are using your tablet in your home for browsing, listening to music, or email, etc., you have no need to opt for a higher-end tablet. Tablets with some basic features with a lower price tag are more than sufficient.

For office use, you will have to opt for the one that comes with the screen size of at least 9 inches. You can opt for the iPad latest or run models, Google Nexus, and other bigger models.

For gaming purposes, any iPad tablet is an ideal option. However, there are also some inexpensive options, such as the game-focused Android tablet, the NVidia Shield tablet K1. It comes with an 8-inch screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels and a 2GB memory.

For your kids, you have to consider some vital factors, such as price, size, robustness and parental-control features. A tablet with the screen size of seven inches is an ideal option, as it is appropriate for small hands.

Regarding pricing, you can choose the Fire Kids Edition, as it comes in a compact size, with rubber bumpers, kid-friendly interface, and parental controls.

The tablet market is somewhat a wide-ranging sector, where tablets go from being minor devices to justifiable laptop substitutes. You will acquire faster processors, larger screens, additional features and, in general, more storage capacity.

Hence, it is better to decide your purpose of use and your budget before buying the right tablet.


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