Buying Guidelines for Tablets, Part 2


–Decide the size–

The size of a tablet is decided by the size of its screen, which comes in different sizes, ranging from 6 inches to 18.4 inches.

If you are seeking something light and small, you can opt for the one that has the screen size of 7-inch or less than that.

Tablets with the screen size of 10 inches offer a superior balance between portability and output, but they cannot be used with a single hand.

Tablets with a 12.9-inch screen size will be less portable, but they are the appropriate substitutes to laptops.

There are also notebook-tablet hybrids, which usually come with the screen size between 11 and 13 inches, but they are inclined to be bulkier, so they are not the preferable ones if the weight and size are your major priorities.


–Decide the operating system–

Operating systems play a vital role while buying a tablet, as they offer you the real value for your money.

  • iOS 9 is the latest and the best version of OS of Apple, as it controls all present generation of iPad models and smartphones. Moreover, it comes with numerous additions that offer your iPad a bit additional flexibility, owing to new split-screen multi-job features.
  • However, your hardware choices are restricted with iOS, when compared to that of Windows and Android, as you have to choose only the iPad tablets.


  • Android tablets have no lack of options, both in terms of software and hardware. While Android is apparently the mobile OS of Google, there is no combined Android.
  • Moreover, most tablet manufacturers modify Android to suit their requirements or incorporate features to distinguish their tablets from the rivalry. You can also get plenty of hardware options.


  • Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows, which has been designed upon the base Microsoft put in Windows 8 and 8.1. It is also easy to use on a tablet than before.
  • Windows 10 OS offers a number of allowances to tablet consumers, such as big, touch-affable window controls and keys, a Tablet Mode and a variety of touch-screen gestures.
  • Windows remains a lot oriented around the mouse and keyboard, though, so some features and apps may be uncomfortable to use a touch screen.


–Stay Tuned for the next part–

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