Buying Guidelines for Smartphones, Part 3


The processor acts as the brain of the device and helps open apps faster, quicker photo editing and smoother gameplay. Single core processor may lag your phone while multitasking and they also slow down games, video player, and apps.

The multicore processor enables you to do multitasking like checking email, chatting, playing the movie, etc. simultaneously.

Among Qualcomm CPUs, the Snapdragon 820 is the fastest chip, giving overall twice the efficiency and performance of Snapdragon 810. Offering more speed with longer battery life.


–Internal Storage–

We highly recommend opting for as much internal memory as you can get. Experiencing that even games take up around 1GB space – with high-res graphics, photos, and videos everyone is capturing, it is better to be well-equipped in terms of memory.

There are some brands that come with 32GB as their inbuilt memory, may be expandable or not. MicroSDs come to your rescue to give you max expandable memory up to 2TB. In short, more is better.


–Battery Life–

Battery life is a specification that determines the phone’s staying power. Opt for a smartphone with more than 3000mAh battery power, for better battery life.

We consider any phone that runs more than 8 hours of 4G LTE surfing is good enough.


–Other Features–

Wireless Charging –

Wireless charging is not a necessary feature. The idea is to place the phone on the charging mat, which charges the phone quickly. While it may be convenient, wireless charging is still a feature of the future, unless this is built into everything from cars to furniture.


Fingerprint Security –

This is also a feature that is getting popularized with time and demand. It gives utmost security, preventing a breach of your privacy.

Above mentioned are the basic features that you should consider before buying. But choose those features that you require the most as it will have a direct influence on the smartphone costing.


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