Buying Guidelines for Smartphones, Part 2


–Display Quality–

Always pay attention to smartphone’s resolution, colour quality, brightness and viewing angles.

Quad-HD resolution gives the sharpest display with 2560 X 1440 pixels, a full-HD panel with 1080p is able to show plenty of detail.

Displays with 720p that are part of budget phones can show less clarity in movies or text.

Always check that the smartphone you are opting for has bright panel, which enables you to read even in direct sunlight.

Also, having a wide viewing angle is important as you will want to share your screen with others and have seamless playing area.



If you are looking for aesthetic build & quality, then unibody design is what you need.

For some style quotient, go for smartphones with glass-and-metal design or metal rims, some high-priced smartphones have now come with a dual curved display.

New innovative smartphones come with a removable battery, which allows you to give other features increased functionality with extended battery life.



Most people use their smartphones cameras as primary equipment. Hence, many phone brands boast of cameras with more than 12MP, but don’t be fooled by the numbers.

Always check for picture clarity and quality, pixel size, aperture, shooting speed, focus, colour brightness, and other add-on features. Look for optical image stabilization feature in a high-pixel camera as it reduces blur and gives a good low-light performance.



A good way to judge a mobile is by seeing how much RAM it carries. Earlier smartphones with 1 GB RAM was enough for the earlier apps.

But now with upcoming updates, new apps require more space, which means it will take more time to get started and directly shows the strength of RAM.

Flagships of many brands have been launched with 4 GB Ram to give you smooth and seamless smartphone experience.


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