Buying Guidelines for Smartphones, Part 1


–Overview of a Smart-phones–

Smartphones are our new best friends. They are our constant companions and hence it is only logical that you do some research before investing in one.

With so many smartphones available, it is natural that you might find it difficult to choose one. To help you with this dilemma, we bring you some features that you might want to look into before buying a smartphone.


–Operating Systems: Android, Ios or Others–


  • Android 
  • It is cheaper and offers more variety and features than IOS. Being an open OS, it lets you customize widgets and launchers, choose from trendy keyboards and robust multitasking.

However, when the new version arrives it takes many months to get updated on your smartphone.



  • iOS – All latest iPhones run on this iOS version, which offers new enhancements like suggestions to save your time and the Note app. The main reason one should opt for iOS device is for its usability, OS updates itself and works seamlessly with other Apple devices such as Mac and iPhone.

Apple App Store gets the hottest apps and games sooner than Android. Also, they have a wide array of accessories.



  • Windows Phone – They offer an interactive interface with Lives tiles giving required information without even opening the app. The most appealing features are Continuum and universal apps, which allows developers to create one app on Windows 10 on the desktop and mobile. Continuum permits you to use Windows 10 Mobile on the desktop with a compatible dock. This platform won’t kick-start until it launches a Surface mobile.


–Screen Size–

Size is just a part of the story with a wide variety of display sizes with bigger screens being in trend.

  • Small Screen (Less than 4.5-inch) –
  • Small screens are very easy to hold. Internet browsing, watching movies and gaming has made small size seem lacklustre.


  • Medium Screen (4.5 to 5.4-inch) –
  • Many affordable smartphones come in this size range and are comfortable to use with one hand, depending on the placement of buttons.


  • Large Screen (5.5-inch or more) –
  • Smartphones with larger displays i.e. more than 5.5-inch are usually called phablets because of their tablet-like size. It is largely preferred for gaming purposes, watching videos and reading eBooks.


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