In our blog, we have tried to include the best and free Antivirus. We have a software from who can not come in this blog, and we will add them to our upcoming blog. All these software will be available in free of cost with their term & condition. One or two of these software will be only slightly down, or all sophists work very well and provide good performance. Also, another important thing is that the link of the software itself is attached. So you can comfortably reach your favorite software too. This list starts now: –

Lightning-fast free antivirus
Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is blazing fast, free to use, and loaded only with the bare-bones protection features that every computer needs.

Installs in seconds, runs at max speed without slowing down your PC
Good for gaming, image and video editing, and resource-intensive applications
Powerful protection packed into a light solution .



    2.Adaware Antivirus Free


adaware antivirus safeguards your computer from online threats so you can focus on the things that matter to you — connecting with friends, checking email and watching videos.
Stop viruses, ransomware, spyware and other forms of malware.
Scan all downloads before they have a chance to damage your PC.
Block malicious processes and infected files in real-time.
Unlimited technical and customer support 24/7
Actively block dangerous websites and online threats.


   3.avast! Free Antivirus

Lightweight and intuitive protection powered by a community over 400 million strong.
This is next-gen cybersecurity for all.

Two new shields. Double protection

Stop even the most determined hackers from getting their hands on what’s yours. Webcam Shield protects your built-in camera from hidden spies. And Ransomware Shield ensures your files cannot be encrypted without your permission.


   4.Amiti Antivirus

Effective and easy to use antivirus for your PC. Protects against viruses, trojans, worms and malware. Amiti Antivirus has built-in real-time memory shields, scheduling, multiple skin and translations support.

Amiti Antivirus Features:

  • Real-time memory shields
  • Scheduling support – for planning regular scans.
  • Automatic updates
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Skin and multi-language support



   5.AVG AntiVirus Free

AVG AntiVirus FREE

Essential free protection
that won’t let you down

  • Stop viruses, spyware, & other malware
  • Block unsafe links, downloads, & email attachments
  • Scan for PC performance problems
  • Get real time-security updates




   6.Avira Free Antivirus

Be bold.
With free antivirus.

Explore the web with confidence.

Visit any page, download any file, click any link – we protect you in real time – against over 4 million daily threats, including ransomware

Be invisible.
With free VPN.

Surf the web anonymously and freely.

Borders can’t stop you. Advertisers can’t track you. Snoops can’t spy on you. Even ISPs can’t monitor your online activities to sell your private data.

Be fast.
With free tune-up utilities.

Rediscover what peak performance feels like.

Picture this: your PC boots quickly, programs load easily, and you have enough free space. Your PC is now optimized, fast, and clean. You now have Free Security Suite.

Be a pioneer.
With Avira.

Latest security services continually added.

We not only give you the best of Avira’s technology, but you’ll also be the first to get new security components and services – for free – as soon as they launch.





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