BATMAN the enemy within is a top notch latest release game in the market .The sole aim of developing this episode of this game was to make it  a more user interactive game. the game has extreme level of graphics with many chapter and successive levels to go through!


batman the enemy within

THE GAME  has the the most interesting story line game play in the history of game play ever  finishing each chapter itself is a greate accomplishment  the element of suspense and thrill are  two greate role players in the success of this game

the game has three levels from the beginning to the end [the beginner,the used to,the expert]howsoever the first level of difficult itself has made the players cry but still the game is addicting !

   THE character addressing and the player appearance  are disastrous  the controversial  stature and suspense enemity between bruce wayne and joker leads to record breaking animatography the players are left in suspense till the end as if who the heck the real joker is engraving the suspect as john doe 


AS always said once a player always a player  for a hard core gamer this game is a must

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