Available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch

Attack On Titan 2 is mad from its first moment to its last. That’s why it’s so darn fun, though.Based on the Manga series of the same name, this is a sequel to developer Omega Force’s 2016’s effort. It carries on where the first left off and the real joy comes in trying to take down the titular Titans.Bizarre, grotesque giants, these bumbling enemies are causing destruction throughout the world and leave the human race on the verge of extinction. The only people to stop them is a resistance group, of which you’re a part, who chop Titans down like trees.

Using what’s known as ‘ODM’ gear, you’re able to propel yourself into the air in order to get to the same level as the Titans before you start to unleash as much damage as possible. You can target specific limbs – and even cut them right off – before sending these huge enemies crashing to the floor.The combat system is truly satisfying. Aside from how fun it is to hurl yourself skyward, the major skill to master is your timing. Get it right, and you will inflict huge damage that’s greeted with the appropriate in-game rewards – but the opposite will ring true if you’re just off the pace. It’s so well thought out that you have to be somewhat smart with each attack. If you just run in like a crazy person you’ll probably die.

It also helps that there’s an obvious sense of improvement. As you progress you can level-up, so by the end credits you’ll feel far more powerful than you did at the start. That’s even better because, if you do indeed like the battle mechanic, it really is strong enough to keep enticing you back for more all by itself. That’s not to say it’s perfect or for everyone, but it’s very well thought out and, potentially, addictive should it win you over.

developer Omega Force laid down a rough but promising groundwork for what a game based around the anime phenomenon should be: fast-paced and thrilling aerial battles against gargantuan Titans with a unique control scheme that allows you to zip around effortlessly using Omni-Directional Mobility Gear. Attack on Titan 2 builds upon that foundation with a much-improved interface and some cool new tricks to slice the napes of a Titan in fun and extravagant ways. But the sharp edge of this sequel is dulled a bit by an all too familiar story mode hamstrung by plodding pacing.

Trailers for Attack on Titan 2 might have you believe that it picks up where the first game left off and primarily covers the events of season two of the Attack on Titan anime, but the reality is the story mode is about 80% a retelling of season one, and 20% season two. That means that if you played the 2016 game, prepare for about 10 hours of retreading very familiar missions, boss fights, and some of the exact same cut scenes.

All of the missions – the new and the old – are pretty standard fare. There’s a lot of protecting points of interests from Titan attacks, escorting VIPs from point A to point B, saving comrades who are about to be eaten, and so on. To be fair, those re-used cut scenes still do a fantastic job of telling the story, having been painstakingly crafted to mirror the anime’s most pivotal moments. If you’re new to the Attack on Titan universe, though, and would rather play it than read it or watch it, Attack on Titan 2 is a pretty solid place to jump in.

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