According to the US court, Apple and Samsung have finished a one-year patent battle on iPhone design. The court ordered Samsung to pay around $ 539 million, according to the currency of India, to pay nearly (Rs 3,700 crore) patented iPhone features.These case are being viewed as Apple’s victory. Who had argued in the court that the design was necessary for the iPhone…

US District Court Judge Lucy Kohl wrote, “Where the courts have advised by the courts that the above mentioned action has been settled, all remaining claims and counter-arguments in this case have been dismissed in this manner by bias.”

When contacted by AFP for comment, Apple had announced a statement issued last month after the loss of the jury.

Read the statement, “This matter has always been more than money.”

“It is important that we continue to protect the hard work and innovation of so many people in the apple.

 Samsung in South Korea denied this.

The Apple lawsuit claims that Samsung is one of the world’s largest handset maker, which has copied the iPhone’s features because the smartphone market was exploding.

In this case, three design patents are applied on the size of the black screen of the iPhone withe above action The settlement has been done, in this case all remaining claims and counter notifications have been rejected in this way. “

When contacted by AFP for comment, Apple had announced a statement issued last month  spherical edges and a bezel, and the rows of colored icons are displayed.

Two utility patents are also included on “bounce-back” and “tap-to-zoom” functions.

From a trial, it is revealed that Samsung had violated Apple’s patent, before a rounded edges like Design FEATURES deserve all the money made from the phone, before the repetitive appeal.

The loss was an element of $ 548 million penalty – the original $ 1 billion (about 6,800 crore) jury was knocked down – Samsung was ordered to pay to copy the iPhone patent.


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