Apple to release voice-activated AirPods this year

Voice-Activated AirPod

Good news for Apple fans, Apple is now going to release Voice-activated wireless AirPods. The AirPod is an earbud style headphone device. Apple has modified its headsets to a new version with more feature and easy to use model. Cutting the cords of the Apple headsets, Apple is now going to give the wireless headset which is voice-activated.

An interesting feature of the coming device is the Apple’s digital assistant “Siri”. It is now controlled by using voice. According to Bloomberg, anyone will not have to tap the device in order to call the Siri but they can call Siri just by saying “Hey! siri”.

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Features of AirPod:

  • Voice-activated Siri.
  • Wireless chip.
  • Long life of battery. Anyone can listen for 5 hours when charged once.
  •  AirPod come in a case that can charge them.
  • Builds better connection between two gadgets.
  • Improved sound.
  • Light-weight and small in size.
  • Better performance.
  • Less charging time: Only 15 minutes in the case can charge the AirPods to use them for 3 hours.
  • Connects automatically with the iPhone devices.

Apple has announced to release a modified version of AirPods which will be water resistible in 2019. Unlike the Apple watch which can be submerged into water without any damage, the new model of AirPod will be able to survive with a water splash or in rain.

According to research from NPD Group, it is estimated that Apple’s AirPods accounted for 85 percent of completely-wireless headphone sales in the US between the December 2016 release and August 2017. And yes, hopefully the new AirPods won’t blow up while in your ears.  


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