Apple Inc has hired Jaime Waydo, autonomous vehicle expert, who previously was a senior engineer at Google’s Waymo for its Self-Driving Car Project. Jaime Waydo was an “Instrumental” at Waymo as told by her colleagues to The Information. An Apple spokesperson confirmed the hiring but denied to provide details about what she is about to work on.

Past Experience of Waydo

At Waymo, Waydo served as the head of systems engineering. She was responsible for the safety of the Waymo’s prototypes and helps the company in deciding whether it was safe enough to launch for road tests in Phoenix in 2016.

“We wish Jaime well in her next endeavour,” Waymo said in a statement.

Prior to Waymo, Jaime was a senior engineer at NASA’s Self Propulsion Laboratory. At NASA, she helped develop a rover vehicle that has driven on Mars.


Apple has not declared anything about the development of its upcoming project, The self-driving car. However, Chief Executive Tim Cook has called it “the mother of all AI projects.”

According to The Information, Apple’s hiring of Waydo could indicate its progress towards launching a prototype vehicle. Some reports say that there is a lack of communication among the teammates of Self-Driving Car Project.

Apple has obtained the permission to test self-driving cars in California and has published its research about how self-driving cars could better detect pedestrians and cyclists.

Apple signed a deal with Volkswagen vans for its on-campus shuttle program called “PAIL,” which is designed to transport employees around its various campuses and office buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Volkswagen will be autonomous, powered by Apple’s self-driving software.

However, Apple’s self-driving car project is uncertain. The company is not having any idea with what it will do with its self-driving car project.

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